The Benefits

What is a baby sleeping bag?

A baby sleeping bag is an all in one wearable blanket. They have arm holes to keep the sleeping bag on your little one, with poppers at the top and often a zip opening round the side and bottom or down the middle. Sleeping bags are designed to make choosing what you put your baby in for sleeping simpler, taking away some of the safety and temperature concerns of bedtime.

Let's look at the benefits...

Safer Sleep Sleeping bags help to create a safer sleeping environment for your little one. Babies love a little wriggle and kick during the night which can be an issue if you are using loose covers or blankets. Sleeping bags stay on your little one as they sleep and keeps their legs tucked in. This means their covers will stay on the all night to prevent them from getting chilly, as well as reducing the risk of covers riding up over baby’s head.

Control Temperature Sleeping bags help to keep your baby's temperature at a more constant level whilst they sleep. The wearable bag means your little one won't be able to kick off their blankets and wake up cold, equally it will prevent them from over heating and being covered by too many layers. The options of different TOGS means you can select the correct one for the season.

No additional covers needed Choosing a sleeping bag will mean you won't need any additional covers or blankets. Baby sleeping bags are designed to act as a wearable blanket and to be used without any additional covers. When needed for extra warmth it is recommended to layer up underneath the sleeping bag with baby grows or vests.

Associate with sleep Sleeping bags provide a familiar sleeping environment for your little one. An evening routine can be established as they’ll (hopefully) associate winding down and sleeping with being placed into their sleeping bag, even if it’s for story time on the sofa or bedroom floor. They will start to associate the sleeping bag with bedtime.

Now let's look at the types of sleeping bags you can buy