Double the fun


Meet the ultimate double stroller solution for twins and siblings

BABYZEN YOYO Connect grows with your family without compromising on practicality.

It is incredibly slender, unique, and unlike any other on the market. The ‘one behind the other’ design is unconventional in comparison to the side-by-side or classic tandem double strollers that you see on the market, which is why we love it.

The YOYO Connect does not have front wheels, so once attached to the YOYO², it is joined to the pushchairs’ brake making the whole unit agile and easy to push, allowing the two components to move as one.


"I absolutely love the YOYO so was so excited to see it is now available in double mode! Perfect for any growing family, the Connect is the solution so many of us BABYZEN lovers have been looking for!" - Melissa, Customer Service

The details

BABYZEN YOYO Connect is designed to fold in seconds and hook on to the back of the BABYZEN YOYO 2 pushchair – which is so convenient when dropping off your firstborn to nursery. You can then continue on your stroll and unfold the YOYO Connect, to use it only when needed. No other double stroller is as compact as the YOYO² and its new YOYO Connect nor as lightweight. You can easily fold both of them and take them with you on board a plane as 2 cabin luggage items, or place them in the boot of a small car.

How to connect

Highly manoeuvrable and ultra-lightweight it can go up and down the curb with ease and be steered smoothly with one hand.

If at any point you want to use your YOYO² as a single stroller, simply fold the YOYO Connect and hook it up on the back of the YOYO².


The BABYZEN YOYO Bassinet is another solution to use your YOYO Connect from birth. YOYO Bassinet clips onto YOYO frames in a single click, can be carried by hand and set on the floor. Your baby is comfortably snuggled on a breathable double mattress. The bassinet shell and canopy have been designed to let air flow freely.

Thanks to its incredible lightness, you can carry it easily and clip it onto the stroller frame without waking up your baby when you head out for a walk. The YOYO Connect frame can be folded and carried over your shoulder while you carry the bassinet when walking back home.


From 6 months onwards, it's time for your little one to discover the world around them! Using the same frame, simply swap the 0+ newborn fabrics with the 6+ fabrics. Your baby is now ready to sit up and explore the roads with you.

The YOYO 6+ benefits from unparalleled flexibility and cushioning, thanks to the new, individual suspensions on all 4 wheels, allowing the stroller to perfectly navigate all types of surface. YOYO² is extremely strong and light thanks to its high quality materials. With its aluminium alloy, stainless steel and fibre-glass reinforced technical plastics, your stroller will last for several generations.

BABYZEN YOYO Connect Configurations

TWIN SETUPS YOYO Connect with 6+ pack + YOYO² frame with 6+ pack YOYO Connect with bassinet + YOYO² frame with bassinet SIBLING SETUPS YOYO Connect with 6+ pack + YOYO² frame with bassinet YOYO Connect with bassinet + YOYO² frame with 6+ pack YOYO Connect with 6+ pack + YOYO² frame with BABYZEN YOYO car seat

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