The Story Behind BABYZEN

The BABYZEN adventure started in 2009, from the ambition to design smart products to simplify and fulfill the needs of the modern parents.

BABYZEN was founded by a group of 5 Frenchmen who wanted to create a new generation of strollers that were attractive, high quality, and most importantly, easy and practical for parents to use. They started with a blank slate and imagined what this new generation could look like.

With this common goal and after having watched the Parisian parents struggle with their cumbersome strollers for a long time, BABYZEN created the BABYZEN YOYO+. An ultra light folding stroller adapted to the lifestyle of urban parents.

As the first stroller accepted in aircraft cabins and the first compact all-in-one stroller from birth, YOYO+ has totally revolutionised the way of moving with children.

The brand is now established in 2500 points of sale, more than 80 countries and 5 continents and loved by thousands of parents around the world.

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