BabyBjorn Carriers

BabyBjorn Carriers

BabyBjorn have led the way for innovative, stylish and safe baby carriers. Their core values are to create unisex designs so both parents can experience the benefits of closeness and convenience that baby wearing offers.

BabyBjorn have carriers for all your different needs – from designs that suit newborns to more adaptable baby carriers that allow you to carry comfortably for a long period of time.

BabyBjorn One

The BabyBjorn One is the true BabyBjorn classic. With three ergonomic positions, it’s perfect from newborn up to the age of three years letting you enjoy the benefits of babywearing for longer. The sturdy waist belt and padded shoulder straps relieve pressure on your back and shoulders making it comfy for parents too.

Available in BabyBjorn One Air, crafted in an airy 3D mesh, and BabyBjorn One, made of a soft cotton blend.

BabyBjorn Mini

The BabyBjorn Mini is small and snuggly – just like your baby. Created especially for newborns, in a flexible design that’s soft and easy to use. Keep your new arrival close and comfy in the BabyBjorn mini made from super soft fabrics which creates a cosy space for your newborn and soft against delicate skin. It is suitable until your baby is one year old or until they reach a weight of 11 kg and/or a height of 75 cm.

Available in 3D mesh, Cotton and Jersey.

BabyBjorn Move

A comfy baby carrier that’s easy to use, created for an active lifestyle. The soft and airy design uses an airy 3D mesh fabric to keep you and your baby cool no matter what you get up to, allowing you to maintain your active on the go lifestyle. It features back support, a waist belt and padded shoulder straps perfect for exploring the world together.

You can use the BabyBjorn Move for your newborn baby up to the age of 15 months (12 kg).

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