BabyBjorn's Mission

Functional + safe products

Everyone at BabyBjorn has one mission: to develop good, functional and safe products for very young children. These products are also designed to support a child as they develop. BabyBjorn are constantly developing and researching for new functional and safe products for families.

Simplify daily life

In addition to developing safe products, BabyBjorn also want to be able to provide parents with innovative products that make daily life easier for families with young children. BabyBjorn's concept is based around making those all-important early years a little easier.


"BabyBjorn make beautifully designed products that also have great functionality at their core. Their core values of safety, quality and design are clear to see across their whole product range."

- Clifton, Co-Founder of NBS

High Quality

BabyBjorn know children and parents need products they can use again and again. Families want products made of materials they can trust and with functions they need that can stand the tests of family life. So they never compromise on their core values: safety, quality and design. Their aim is to design high quality products that can be passed on from child to child.

Form and function

BabyBjorn put a big focus on pure, classic yet contemporary designs everyone will love and be proud to own. They believe good design will always be about the balance between effective function and visual appeal. They design all their products to be timeless and equally appealing to mums, dads and children.

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