Babymoov's Innovation Process


"All of Babymoov's products are so clever and show true innovation. I love that they involve parents and industry experts throughout the whole development and design process to ensure they create the best products for their customers."

- Clifton, Co-Founder of NBS

Innovation is at the heart of Babymoov

Innovation has always been the driving force of Babymoov with a yearly investment of over £1 million in research and development. They believe in quality, honest and unique parenting solutions that enhance development and make life a little simpler!

Co-created with parents

Since the beginning, Babymoov have prioritised working with parents to learn about the real needs of family life. The Babymoov identity and approach combines a series of pro-active workshops with parents and their children to ensure all their products are designed with the best intent, materials, purpose, affordability and productivity. The opinions of parent testers help to form the final Babymoov product design.

Co-created with experts

Nursery and medical experts also play a huge part in the development of Babymoov's pregnancy and parenting solutions. Through their expert training, knowledge and experience in their respective fields, they help to advise Babymoov on the needs of parents and babies to help with the design process.

Lifetime Warranty

Babymoov offers a Lifetime Warranty on all of their products. All Babymoov customers are eligible for the Lifetime Warranty upon purchase of a Babymoov product, you simply need to register your product within 2 months of purchase.

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