The Story Behind bbhugme

Developed by medical health professionals

bbhugme was created by three chiropractors from Norway; Hilde, Ann Kristin and Elisabeth. They saw many teary, sleep-deprived women who were suffering from pelvic and back pain before, during and after pregnancy. The three realised that the women needed even more support and care; a long-lasting, take-home solution that could support them beyond the care they get at clinics. The bbhugme pillow was born.

ā€œIā€™m passionate about supporting and caring for women and their partners through pregnancy, birth and infancy.ā€
Dr Hilde Tavares, Co-Founder of bbhugme & Chiropractor

Developing the perfect pillow

The three chiropractors worked hard with designers to make a unique pillow that mothers could count on for support. They focused on the details that mattered; the right shape, the right materials and filling, the right support for every body type. Plus they wanted it to be allergy and eco-friendly aswell.

Helping mums around the world

bbhugme is now sold around the world and have since grown their product portfolio to offer more supportive solutions for families. What remains the same since the very beginning is that bbhugme is a company driven by professionalism, passion and care for the pregnant women and mothers that they created bbhugme for.

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