The Story Behind Bugaboo

More than 2 decades

The Bugaboo journey started from 1 man’s idea to revolutionise the pushchair industry and quickly grew to become a brand synonymous with innovative and functional pushchairs made for the modern family. For a final year uni project, Max Barenburg designed a stroller that laid the foundation to create a leading brand of pushchair world wide.

"What led to the invention of the first Bugaboo was my surprise at the types of strollers I’d see on the street. Everywhere I went, I would see people struggling to fold and use their strollers. I wanted to create a stroller that’s was designed to go anywhere and everywhere."
- Max Barenbrug, Co-Founder + Chief Design Officer

Since the first pushchair launch in 1999, Bugaboo have just gone from strength to strength bringing together 2 decades of experience and refinement to bring parents the best solutions and innovative designs. Bugaboo have revolutionised the entire industry and continue to bring parents new standout designs with their growing product range.

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