Other Safety Considerations

Avoid second hand car seats

Whilst we all love saving some money and recycle where we can, we do not advise using a second-hand car seat for your little one. The main issue is that you do not know the history of the car seat you are using to protect you child. It could have previously been involved in a car accident, or even just have minor wear and tear which could seriously affect it's ability to protect your child if the worst was to happen.


Whilst safety should always remain the main priority, you should also make sure your child is happy and comfortable in their car seat. Look for those little extra touches of comfort such as extra padding, a reclining seat, good leg support and possibly extra ventilation. These comfort features will mean you have one happy baby coming along for the ride on all your adventures.

Ease of use

The car seat may primarily be there for your child's safety, but it's important you love it too as you're going to be the one having to use it on an almost daily basis. This means you, and every adult planning on using the car seat, have to fully understand how to use it. Let's face it, juggling a crying baby whilst trying to tackle a complicated car seat just is not ideal. We recommend getting a hands-on demo in store to learn how the car seat is installed and buckled up before purchasing. Some models offer a 360-degree swivel function which makes it easier to get your baby in and out of the car seat so look for one of these if you think that will help you.


Car seats can be a big investment so think carefully beforehand how you are planning on using it. Do you want one that lasts a long time, so does it need to be easily adjustable as your little one grows? Are you planning on using it as part of a pushchair travel system? If so, look for ones that are compatible with your pushchair. Or is it likely you will be swapping it from more than one car, how easy is it to do that with your car seat and is the car seat compatible with every car you plan on putting it in?


Whilst we would love to say that your lovely new car seat is going to stay in pristine sparkly condition, we all know children can be messy little things. It's important to keep your little one's environment as clean as possible, even including their car seat. With this in mind, try opting for a car seat that has easily removable covers that can be machine washed. You will thank yourself later for this one!

Be Prepared

A car seat is at the top of the list for the most important piece of baby gear you are going to need. Not only will it protect your little one on every journey they take, the hospital won't even let you leave the hospital without your car seat being installed in your car. We recommend buying your car seat far in advance so you can practice how to install it so you will be a seasoned pro by the time your baby makes their arrival. Pop into our store for a free demo from our fully trained staff if you need some tips and advice.

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