Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We've gone over all the different types of changing bags and things you should consider before buying, but do you still have some questions? Don't worry, we’ve gathered some of the questions we get asked the most and answered them all for you. Take a look at our frequently asked questions to help.

How much should I spend on a changing bag?

Ultimately this one is completely down to you and your own personal choices and budgets. There is such a wide range of price points and designs that there really is a changing bag for everyone. The slightly high end premium bags do tend to have a few more added extras and made from durable materials, however there are some brilliant bargains out there that offer great value for money. You could be looking to spend anything in the range of £60 - £160.

What should I typically put in my changing bag?

Every child's needs are different so it can vary from family to family what you should have in your changing bag, and of course it depends how long you will be out the house for. But here is our go to list of the basic essentials; Nappies, baby wipes, changing mat, at least one set of spare clothes, a bottle of milk if you’re expressing or bottle feeding, muslin and some toys to keep them entertained.

What is the most important feature of a changing bag?

The perfect changing bag is a combination of a number of key features. However, if we had to say just 1, it would be convenience. The bag has to make your life easier, not harder. So always choose one that is comfy to wear and offers you ultimate convenience with plenty of compartments and storage.

Can I use my existing handbag as a changing bag?

Yes you can. You can turn any roomy bag into a stylish and practical changing bag just by inserting an organiser pods or pouches into it to help with the organisation. However, you may find specifically designed changing bags have some clever additional features that a traditional handbag does not have such as insulated bottle holders, wipe clean materials and handy compartments.

What is the best materials for a changing bag to be made out of?

Your budget may effect which material options you have on offer for your changing bag. However, if we are putting budget aside, we would say vegan leather is our top choice. It's the most durable, easily wiped clean, super timeless and stylish material. We also love the increase in bags being made out of eco materials such a recycled plastic bottles and regenerated nylon.

What is the best style of bag to use for a hospital bag?

The main thing to consider when choosing your hospital bag is space. If you're anything like us, you would rather be over prepared than under prepared, and that means taking alot of stuff with you. We always reccomend the Tiba + Marl weekender bags as they are very spacious with loads of handy pockets, and super stylish so can be used forever. The Storksak Eco Cabin changing bag is also a great option as it can either be wheeled like a suitcase by the retractable handle, or carried by the grab handles.

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