Things to consider

Things to consider

So now you know what the different styles are, what else is important to consider before purchasing your changing bag? No matter what type you go for there are some things we think every parent should consider and look for in a bag to ensure it’s the best option for you. Keep the following points in mind when you are shopping and researching to help you pick the right changing bag.


Like the huge variety of different styles and designs on the market, there is also a huge range of varying price points for changing bags too. Premium materials, added extras and simply the brands name can all push the price up. But there is also a brilliant range of slightly lower price points that offer excellent value for money. Whatever your budget, we have a huge range of durable, stylish and practical changing bags.

Who will be using it

It's also a good idea to consider your lifestyle and who will be using the changing bag. Will you be using public transport alot and perhaps a bag you can chuck on your back out the way is best, or is it simply popping out for a coffee date so a shopper bag over your shoulder is perfect? Also, will you be sharing the bag with your partner and therefore need a more unisex design bag that you both love? If this is the case, also make sure you choose one with adjustable straps so it can adapt and be comfy for all users.


Your changing bag needs to be spacious and easy to carry. It should make your life easier, not harder, so needs to be big enough to hold everything you need whilst also being a breeze to carry around all day. Will you be taking long day trips out and about so need a larger bag, or short local activities so a smaller one will do? Beware of choosing a bag that's too big however, as it will be bulky to carry. Plus, keep in mind that a deep bag may hold lots, but can make it harder to find what you want.

Pockets, pockets and more pockets

A changing bag can never have too many compartments or pockets to help keep all your bits and bobs organised and easy to find. Always make sure you look inside your changing bag before buying so you know exactly how many pockets and compartments there are so you can judge if you think there will be enough.

Washable or wipe clean

Life with little ones can get pretty messy, especially when on the move. So we always recommend you buy a changing bag that is made from washable materials or that can be wiped down and cleaned, inside and out!

Changing bag accessories

There are also a large range of changing bag accessories that are designed to help your life on the move as a parent that little bit easier. Some changing bags have some of these accessories already included inside so keep an eye out for those, but if not you can always buy them separately.

Changing Mat

Your baby’s nappy waits for no one, so always make sure you have a detachable, washable or wipe-clean changing mat to hand in your changing bag.


Keep everything organised and where it should be with handy organisers or pods that can be slipped inside your changing bag.

Pushchair Clips

For ultimate convenience you can buy pushchair clips to attach your changing bag to your pushchair handlebars.

Insulated bottle pocket or pouch

Some changing bags come with integrated insulated bottle holders, or you can buy these separately. This will help you keep food or bottles of milk at the right temperature.

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