Types of Changing Bags

What are the different types of changing bags?

Changing bags have had a style makeover in recent years, with parents wanting the practicalities of a changing bag mixed with stylish design they will be proud to own. Just because you are a parent now doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your sense of style! As a result, there is a whole range of trendy and functional changing bags to choose from. Plus, picking a changing bag you genuinely love means you can use it way beyond just the young baby years.

So let’s take a closer look;


Backpack changing bags are one of the most popular styles. Championed for their practicality, generous size and ability to let you have your hands completely free, combined with the modern design means this is often a top choice for parents.


This traditional style of bag is perfect for fitting in all those parent and baby essentials you need when on the move. The design tends to be the biggest in terms of space inside, however some do find it cumbersome to carry on their shoulder, so you will often find this style also has a crossbody strap too.


The shopper style of bag is one we all know and love. It's now had a changing bag makeover to include all the handy pockets and compartments to make it a stylish and practical changing bag choice for parents on the move.

Bum Bag / Cross Body

In a bid to stay up to date with trends, even the bum bag and cross body bag has had a few tweaks to make it a changing bag possibility. Obviously smaller and more compact than other options, this style is best used for quick trips out as it can only fit the real essentials. However, it is super stylish and practical.

Convertible bags

A growing trend in the changing bag world is brands designing bags that offer parents versatility by having convertible straps. This means you can switch and change between how the bag is worn. Often from a holdall design on the shoulder to a backpack design or even a cross body.

Match your wheels

Alternatively, most pushchair brands design changing bags that match their pushchairs. So once you’ve decided on your pushchair, be sure to check what they offer too. Some brands offer great bundle prices when bought together.

Things to consider when shopping for a changing bag