Things to consider

What else do you need to consider when buying a compact stroller?

So now you know all the different types of folds but how do you pick which one is right for you? Before you make the final decision, it's also important to consider some other points to make sure you find the perfect compact stroller for your family.

Lifestyle Your lifestyle is arguably one of the most important things to consider. You need a stroller that fits in your life effortlessly and makes moving around easier, not harder. Think how you plan to use your compact stroller and where you live. For example, do you use public transport and need your stroller to be small and lightweight or do you live in the countryside and need better suspension but can fit nicely in the boot of your car?

Budget Having a budget in mind before beginning your shopping can help keep you focused. Make sure you spend an amount that you are comfortable with, but know that sometimes spending that little bit more can get you some handy added extras or set you up with everything you need for years to come.

Practicality Your compact stroller is most likely to go everywhere with you and be a big part of your daily routine, which means it has be easy to use and practical. Consider it's folded size and will it fit in your car? Do you have somewhere to store at home? Do you find is it easy to fold? Are you after a one-handed-fold stroller? Weight is also an important thing to consider when you end up having to carry it around or lift it up stairs. For these reasons, it's always best to test drive any compact stroller before buying to make sure it works for you.

The Future Having another baby might be the last thing on your mind at the moment, but it is always good to prepare if there is a possibility you and your partner might want another baby. Opting for a compact stroller that is adaptable, versatile and could change into a double later on would be a worthwhile investment.

Useful features to look out for...

Some stroller go that extra mile and offer some really useful added features that can really improve the functionality and convenience of you pushchair. Some of the most popular added features that we love are;

- Handlebar

A height-adjustable or angled handlebar makes pushing the stroller more comfortable and if you and your partner aren’t roughly the same height, it’s a must for ergonomic stroller-pushing. - Canopy

Try to test out then open and close of a canopy in-store, paying attention to any loud noises that might startle a snoozing little one. - Basket

Bigger baskets underneath help carry everything you need however, consider that you may need to remove all contents before folding the stroller. - Brakes and locks

Some strollers allow you to lock the wheels at the handlebar, while others have a foot brake and lock. Try out models with the different options to see which one you prefer.

- Suspension

Many strollers now come equipped with suspension to give little ones a less bumpy ride, whether you’re navigating busy city sidewalks or strolling along seaside pathways.

- Wheels

Compact strollers often feature smaller wheels so take a look at the materials used to compensate; rubber-coated plastic wheels are standard and work well in the city but if you’re more active or live in a rural area, pneumatic (compressed-air-filled) or foam-filled tyres offer a smoother ride.

Inline-skate-style wheels are a newer feature designed to roll smoothly and quietly.

- Shoulder strap

Many compact strollers feature a handy shoulder strap so it can be easily carried when folded. The strap is typically visible in the basket of the chassis which reveals itself when folded down.

And there are so much more handy features! Strollers are getting smarter and smarter with increasingly clever design and extra touches. Have a think about your lifestyle and opt for a one that has those added extra's that will help make life easier.


There are also some great stroller accessories that can help make life with your little one in tow a lot easier. Some compacts strollers come with some accessories included which can be a good investment, so keep an eye out for those. Otherwise, you can always buy anything you need separately as there is lots of choice. Here are some of the accessories we think you should consider.


Perfect for keeping your little one cosy in those colder months. There are some beautiful designs on the market that are practical but stylish too.


These are great for shading your child from the sun and protecting them from harmful UV rays, whilst also keeping them cool. Make sure to check it is compatible with your pushchair before purchasing.

Changing Bags

Ideal for keeping all of your baby essentials organised and easy to find. Most changing bags will connect to your pushchair with clips. Some pushchairs also have matching changing bags to complete the look.


Pushchair liners are great for offering your little one extra comfort, whilst also protecting your pushchair seat from wear and tear.

Covers + Nets

Raincovers and insect nets will help protect your child from the elements all year round.


Footboards can be added to some pushchairs so older children can hop on when their legs get tired. They can often be folded out the way when not in use.

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