CYBEX Sensorsafe


"When it comes to car seats, parents top priority is always safety. The innovative Sensorsafe technology has introduced the next level of car seat safety for parents peace of mind."
- Lauren, Store Manage

CYBEX Sensorsafe = Safe. Smart. Connected.

Peace of mind for you. Better safety for your child.

SensorSafe is the brand new revolutionary technology from CYBEX. It fuses smart technology with smart design to give peace of mind for you and better safety for your child. The SensorSafe is a clip that attaches to the harness system of your little ones car seat which is connected to your smartphone to provide essential health and safety alerts.

SensorSafe’s mission is to help prevent critical situations happening in the car. It will alert you when your child unbuckles the clip, when the ambient temperature around your child is too hot or too cold, if your little one is left unattended in the car and if your child has been seated for too long.

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