Benefits of Babywearing

Benefits of Babywearing

We Love Babywearing!

Here at Natural Baby Shower we are huge fans of babywearing. The long list of benefits goes on and on, and we simply just love having an excuse to cuddle our little ones all day long. We encourage and promote babywearing as much as we can, discover just a few of the amazing benefits it bring to you and your little ones below.

Soothes Baby

All our children want and need is to be close to our bodies, to feel our breath and hear our heart beat. Baby wearing helps emulate the environment of your womb. Most babies love experiencing a feeling of safe containment that mimics the experience of being in the womb

Helps Development

Babywearing means you naturally communicate to your baby more, you look at each other and you chat to your baby. You may comment on what’s happening around you, explain what you’re doing, etc. Having your baby so close to you allows you to respond to their cues and touch them more as well. All of this can enhance learning and cognitive development, and overall wellbeing.


Babywearing allows you to do parenting with your hands-free! You can go about your daily chores, tend to your other children and even breast feed easier. Babywearing is loved by so many parents because it leaves your hands free to do so many other things!

Creates a Bond

When you carry your baby close to you, they feel safe. Babywearing means you automatically have more nurturing physical contact as you gently pat and stroke your baby or kiss their forehead. All this strengthens the important attachment between you.

And So Much More...

These are just a few of the long list of benefits.


"We love babywearing for all of these benefits and many more! I encourage every parent to try it, the long list of benefits are enough to make any parent fall in love with baby wearing and eager to get started!"
- Clifton, Co-Founder

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