Slow Fashion

Fabelab believe sustainability is also a design process. It is not just about the materials used for products, but also the longevity and timeless details in the design of the product that improves the sustainability. Fabelab believe is slow-fashion, not fast-fashion.

Timeless Colours

When Fabelab say their products are timeless, they refer to the process of being conscious of not just the quality, but the colour schemes from each collection, ensuring they match the previous and upcoming collections colours. This way, you can keep the pieces from previous collections and pair them with their upcoming ones.

Timeless Design

Another way we define timeless, is by creating multi purpose designs. Fabelabs playmats can be used by kids of all ages, or even as a rug for a nursery or bedroom. Swaddles, which are often first used to swaddle the baby, can later be used as a fashionable scarf for the older kids. Storage baskets which were originally used for toys, could be used for shoes or towels for everyone to use in the house.

Every day Fabelab think about what they can do even better than the day before, and which changes there can be made in the direction of transforming Fabelab into becoming 100% sustainable. 

Always with the focus on wanting to help the world to become a better

place for our children and the next generations to come to grow up in - this is the biggest dream for the future for Fabelab!


"We believe if you buy well, you will only have to buy once. Fabelab's timeless colours and expert designs mean their products will last generations and still be on trend in years to come."
- Ellie, Purchasing Coordinator

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