Made Responsibly & With Love

Making a difference in the design is not everything - how the products are being brought to life is equally important!

From the beginning the founder of Fabelab, Michaela Weisskirchner-Barfod, has made an effort to keep an honest and sustainable approach to the design and production of the Fabelab collections.

Sustainable Design

For Fabelab, sustainable design is about using the right materials, ensuring proper treatment of workers, as well as the lifespan of the product, which is why Fabelab produce multi-functional products that grow with the child through manufacturers they respect.

Organic Cotton

Developing products of high quality is important to Fabelab. This is why their products are carefully made using 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. Stuffing and filling of toys is made from organic cotton, recycled polyester or corn fibre to help ensure not only sustainability, but also longevity of their products.

Did you know growing organic cotton uses 91% less water and 62% less energy compared to growing non-organic cotton?

Plastic Waste

With plastic waste of top concern in society, Fabelab switched a few years ago to biodegradable bags to protect their products during transportation, and this year they have made the improvement to replace the plastic bags with bags made of sugarcane, produced in Denmark. Couple this with Natural Baby Showers 100% recyclable packaging, you can shop with confidence the planet is being protected at every stage of production and delivery.


"Fabelab's dedication to sustainability at every stage of production is why I love them. Not only are their products gorgeous, they are planet friendly too."
- Ava, Accountant

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