Positive Impact

Joolz strongly believe the world needs to move towards a healthy and more sustainable way of living, and that corporations and business have both the ability and responsibility to lead the way. It is with this belief Joolz make it their aim to put the well-being of our planet earth and the beautiful life it supports at the very core of everything they do.

Joolz Birth Forest

One pushchair, one tree. Our earth could use a bit more green. That’s why Joolz will plant a tree for every pushchair purchased in honour of your precious baby in the Joolz Birth Forest. From then on, the tree will grow with your child: your child close to you and the tree in Colombia.

Reusable Packaging

Joolz decided to give new life to the cardboard their products come in. All their cardboard boxes come with instructions how to convert them into a bird house, a reindeer or a lamp and many more! So don't throw the packaging away. Recycling is better for the environment and, who knows, your little one might learn something too.

Sustainable Fabrics

All of the Joolz Essentials range are made from 100% organic cotton and full of superhero powers. They absorb moisture, regulate heat and are just as soft as your baby's delicate skin.

Plus, some of their fabrics used in their pushchair range are made from recycled plastic bottles.


"Joolz' dedication to the environment mirrors our own and initiatives like this is what first drew me to Joolz. I couldn't wait to add them to the NBS family."
- Vics, Founder

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