The Story Behind Joolz

Meet Dutch baby brand, Joolz

Joolz was created on the streets of Amsterdam in 2004 when founder Emile Kuenen was discussing pushchairs with his friends and the fact there wasn't much choice when it comes to combining functionality and design. Together they created a dream wish list for the ideal pushchair. Emilie concluded they should be ergonomic, comfortable, safe, easy in use and have smart solutions for folding & storing. All whilst being kind to the planet. With these points, the design process began!

Emile named his fledging company Joolz, a twist on the word “jewels”, because he hoped the products would be equally precious to parents.

Joolz was born around their "positive design" motto. With this motto in mind Joolz build award-winning, ergonomic, comfortable and stylish pushchairs, car seats and accessories that contribute to a vibrant lifestyle.

Joolz HQ

Joolz Headquarters are based in Amsterdam. It's housed in a sustainably renovated factory with smart energy-neutral solutions such as three greenhouses that serve as meeting rooms and 200 solar panels on the roof. To support their employees’ well-being, Joolz serve healthy lunches every day and have an in-house yoga and sports facility. The building truly is the epitome of Joolz' Positive Design philosophy and takes another step towards a more sustainable world.

Discover Joolz Positive Design