PacaPod & The Environment

Reduce Waste

PacaPod vow to create the best quality products that can live on and on, and in return reduce the need for people to replace their items with a new purchase.

But when you feel like your PacaPod has come to the end of it's life you can easily recycle them thanks to their partnership with reGAIN App. Simply download the app, print the free label and take your bag to the local drop off point.

Timeless Designs

You may notice that PacaPod designs are timeless and unisex – Granny and Grandad will feel as comfortable taking baby out while wearing a PacaPod bag as you will.

Whilst style is still at the forefront of all their designs, they try to keep to the traditional side and neutral colour palette to ensure your PacaPod will be loved for generations by the whole family.


PacaPod are proud of the quality standard their bags are made to and are built to last. But parenting is a busy job, and sometimes things start to look a little tired from daily life. The beauty of the 3-in-1 system is that you can upcycle parts of your PacaPod for each baby. Say your changer pod was extremely well-used the first time around and no longer a hygienic space – you can buy the pods replacement parts to freshen up your bag.


"I love PacaPod’s dedication to quality. You know you are getting a bag designed to stand the parenting test, and their timeless designs are perfect for the whole family to wear with pride."
- Lauren, Store Manager

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