The Story Behind Pacapod

The Story Behind PacaPod

Beauty on the outside, brains on the outside

Using her skills and experience as an outdoor clothing designer and mum of two young girls, founder Jacqueline Waggett, decided to help offer parents one less thing to worry about by creating the ultimate organised changing bag.

After being disappointed with what was on the market, she came to realise that there was a gap in the market for a great-looking, practical changing bag. The 3-in-1 changing bag was born! Still to this day, each PacaPod is designed by a team based in beautiful North Devon.

The PacaPod ethos aims to help parents get organised without compromising on style.

"The PacaPod 3-in-1 concept is the perfect example of balancing functionality with style. Brains and functionality on the inside, whilst having style and fashion on the outside."
- Jacqueline Waggett, Founder of PacaPod.

3-in-1 Design

All Pacapod’s changing bags are characterised by one ingenious concept: inside are smaller ‘pod’ bags, designed to keep your baby’s things separate and organised to make parenting on the move that little bit easier.

After launching in 2008, the multifunctional baby bag has become the go-to baby bag for style and functionality, and is today adored by many, including a huge fan base of celebrity mums.

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