Pushchairs Explained

What are the different types of pushchairs?

You may be thinking a pushchair is a seat on two wheels with a handle, how many different types can there be? Well we can tell you that there are many many different styles, types and designs of pushchairs created to meet every need and lifestyle.

It is important to pick a pushchair to suit your lifestyle so that it will help make life easier and tick all the boxes for what you are going to use the pushchair for. So, let's take a closer look at what different types of pushchairs there are on the market to help you decide which one is right for you.


For the precious new arrivals

For at least the first 6 months, newborns should lie flat to help protect their backs, development and breathing. For this reason parents often opt for a carrycot seat unit with their pushchair for these first few months, although there are an increasing amount of pushchairs that offer a reclining seat that enables a 180 degree lie flat position. Some pushchairs come with the carrycot included, others have it as an optional add on. Once your little one is older, you can simply swap the carrycot for the seat unit for the next few years.

Travel System

For versatility

A travel system is a pushchair that is also compatible with carrying a bassinet and an infant carrier car seat. The car seat and carrycot can both click in and out of the pushchair, which can be handy when travelling and you have a sleeping baby who you don't want to wake. If this sounds ideal to you, make sure you research to make sure the pushchair you choose is also compatible with your car seat. You can either opt for the same brand bundles, or look for adapters which offer more options for compatibility. We offer great travel bundles that offer everything you will need to take the confusion out of the process. Remember it is not advised to have your newborn baby in their car seat for longer that 90 minutes at a time, but for short journey's this could be the perfect option.


For twins or siblings

There are a great range of double pushchairs on the market now that go against the old age belief that double pushchairs are chunky and hard to manoeuvre. If you are expecting twins, or have another child that still uses a pushchair then a double pushchair is the one for you. They can also offer great versatility by being able to easily convert from double to single, meaning they are great future proof pushchairs for growing families.


For the travel lovers or urban living

Compact strollers are lightweight and fold up smaller than more traditional styles. They are a favourite for those families that live in cities for ease on public transport, and also travel lovers as most of them are airline cabin approved. This being said, they are also becoming an increasingly popular choice as everyday pushchairs thanks to their design, weight and compact size offering parents convenience when on the move. Most compact strollers now have the option of a newborn carrycot to offer families the full solution to use this style of pushchair from birth.


For the adventure seekers

Multi-terrain pushchairs offer those extra important touches to make outdoor adventures on rough terrain with children in tow easier. They often have features such as extra suspension, tough wheels and comfort features to make the ride more enjoyable for your little companion. They're designed to be tough, stable and easy to manoeuvre on all types of surfaces.

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