Natural Baby Shower Loves

Natural Baby Shower Loves

We asked some of the Natural Baby Shower team to share with us what they would recommend and what their favourite reusable nappy essentials are to help you find the perfect ones for you.

The all-in-one Bundle


TotsBots Easyfit Everyday Kit

"Take the stress out of worrying if you've got everything you will need with the TotsBots Easyfit Everyday Kit. This bundle is the ultimate reusable nappy bundle which includes 15x EasyFit nappies, plus liners and washing powder. The TotsBots EasyFit nappies are the simple all-in-one designed to fit most babies from birth to potty, plus they're made out of recycled materials. It's my pick every time."

- Clifton, Co-Founder



TotsBots TeenyFit

"The TotsBots TeenyFit range is specifically designed for the smallest of bottoms of newborns, twins or premature babies. An all-in-one design, just like a disposable, to make them super easy and convenient to use with babies from 5lbs - 12lbs. These offer the ultimate comfort and fit for smaller babies. I always recommend these to parents who are starting their reusable nappy journey from the very first day."

- Cameo, Operations Manager



Close Parent Pop-in

"The Close Parent Pop-in nappies are a unique 2 part design that gives parents flexible absorbency options for extra peace of mind. You simply swap and change the inner liner depending on how much absorbency you need, boosters also offer extra absorbency. Unlike other nappies, Pop-in has a clever absorbent core in the waterproof outer shell allowing you a little longer between changes when needed! I love that I can adapt the nappy to my needs."

- Lauren, Store Manager

Night Time


TotsBots Bamboozle Night-Time Nappies

"For that extra reassurance and absorbency at night to avoid any leaks I always go for the TotsBots Bamboozle collection. The bamboozle collection are the ultimate soft cloth nappy for comfort, fit and overnight dryness for up to 12 hours. You can use these alongside the TotsBots PeeNut waterproof wraps for super absorbent long lasting performance. The Bamboozle is the absorbent bit, and the wrap keeps wetness in."

- Vics, Co-Founder

Reusable Wipes


Close Parent Reusable Wipes

"Why not also take it a step further and make the switch to reusable wipes too! We know disposable wet wipes can feel like the ultimate life savers but they cause all types of trouble for the planet and the chemicals in them can be damaging to your little ones skin. So, as you start your reusable nappy journey, why not add a few reusable wipes to your basket too."

- Charlotte, Content Marketing Coordinator

Nappy Vouchers

Save your pennies and the planet. To help everyone on their reusable nappy journey, we currently support the Real Nappies for London and Real Nappies for Wales voucher scheme. If you live in a voucher participating borough you can apply for a reusable nappy voucher to help with the upfront cost of buying reusable nappies. This enables our customers to use discounts on valid cloth nappies and nappy accessories on our website.

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