Types of Reusable Nappies

What are the different types of reusable nappies?

There are a few different options of reusable nappies on the market, all working in a slightly different way and suited to different stages. It is good to know the difference between each type of reusable nappy so you can make an informed decision on which style is best for you and your little one.

So what is the difference between each one, and what are the pros and cons? Let’s take a closer look.

How do they work?

Even though there are different options and types of reusable nappies, they all fundamentally work in a similar way. Most of them are often made up of an absorbent inner layer, which can be washable or disposable, and then a waterproof outer layer often called the wrap. The inner layer acts as a barrier to catch any poo or wee to stop it from getting to the outer wrap, you can sometimes add a booster pad for extra absorbency. Then the wrap acts as a barrier and helps to prevent any leaks.

All in One

These are very similar to the design of disposable nappies so often a favourite with beginners. These come with a waterproof exterior and an absorbent core inside already attached together so you can easily pop it straight on with no assembly required. They’re easy to use, fuss-free and need no extra add ons. However, you may need to buy more as you will have to swap the nappy after each change.

Two Part Nappies

As the title suggests, these nappies come in two parts. The absorbent liner and the outer wrap. You simply just pop in the liner and you are ready to go. These do tend to have better absorbency performance, and you can add in boosters for extra peace of mind. You won’t always need to change the wrap after every change, you can simply wipe down and pop in another liner into the wrap.

Shaped Nappies

This style is curved to fit your baby’s body to offer superior fit and comfort. They often have elastic around the waist and legs. This does mean you will have to buy multiple nappies as your little one grows so the shape continues to fit correctly. However due to them being shaped for their stage, these do offer better fit, performance and containment.

One Size Nappy

The one size nappies offer greater return on investment as they are designed to see your little one from birth to potty (generally from 8lbs -35lbs approx). They have handy poppers or velcro to enable you to adjust the size. Perfect for every stage as your little one grows, no need to buy different sizes. As these have to suit such a wide range of different stages and ages, they don't always offer the best all round snug fit.

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