Silver Cross Nursery Furniture

Dream Nursery

The masters at Silver Cross didn't just stop at pushchairs, they put their expert craftsmanship to the test to design a full range of gorgeous traditional nursery furniture.


The Silver Cross nursery furniture collections are all meticulously made to the highest quality and packed with great features. Their designs are handcrafted from beautiful wood and finished with the elegent attention to the smaller details.

Last a Lifetime

All their pieces are perfect to create your dream nursery for your little one to grow up in. Silver Cross furniture are all desgined to last a lifetime with high quality materials and stylish designs that you and your family will love for generations.


"Silver Cross furniture has the same qualities as their pushchairs of uncompromised quality, painstaking craftsmanship and practical design. All their furniture are designed to last you a lifetime and are simply timelessly gorgeous."
- Lucy, E-commerce Assistant

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