Silver Cross Prams & Strollers

Then & Now

What started with William Wilsons 1877 first patented baby carriage pushchair of very traditional design, has evolved to a large range of stylish, practical and forward thinking designs.

With over 140 years of exeprience comes a great deal of learning, experience and refined design to make Silver Cross the very best always. Behind every Silver Cross pushchair is a great deal of professional know-how.

Traditional Designs

Silver Cross have their rich heritage in classic timeless designs such as the Balmoral and Kensington. These pushchairs have become a British icon of style, luxury and design. From hand finishes to the famous glide of the Silver Cross suspension these pushchairs are what makes Silver Cross trusted by many parents.

Modern Designs

As times have moved on and the demands of modern parents have changed, Silver Cross has remained ahead of the game by creating more lightweight and adaptable pushchairs. Silver Cross have blended their heritage, expert craftmanship and top quality materials with contemporary designs to create the perfect versatile modern pushchairs for 21st century families.

Silver Cross Horizon

Silver Cross Wave

Silver Cross Jet

Silver Cross Coast


"Silver Cross has a pushchair for every family. From traditional iconic designs that have luxury written all over them to the more contemporary styles that are perfect for the modern family."
- Sean, Sales Manager

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