Swandoo Albert

Meet Albert, exclusive to Natural Baby Shower.

The award-winning baby car seat design with i-Size base. For the little ones - 40-85 cm or up to 13kg. From birth to approx. 18 months.

Swandoo's design team developed a true icon. The harmonious proportions, lines and surfaces flow to smoothly wrap and protect your baby. Albert’s unique shell structure not only provides superior safety, comfort and peace of mind, but is also a stylish solution for modern families.

One Seat, Many Details

Albert is safe and beautiful, it's full of small but clever ideas and details to give parents peace of mind and help make family life that little bit easier.

Swandoo's commitment to only the best is reflected in Albert’s details, in how the surfaces flow around the child, in the materials, and in the softness of the fabrics, to achieve the best feeling of protection ... like a mother’s hug.

Newborn Pillow

Removable memory-foam insert provides 360° impact protection & ergonomic position.

Integrated Sun Canopy

The integrated UPF50+ sun canopy which extends beyond the handle to protect your baby from sunrays .

Glowing Seat Belt Guides

The seat belt guides glow in the dark for higher visibility.

Enhanced Side Protection

The Side Impact Buddy can simply be attached on the window side of the seat for extra protection. Plus the unique shell structure and premium materials offer extra side-impact protection.

And More!

The Swandoo Albert has all these clever details and so much more! From adjustable headrest and handle, to pushchair compatibility, individual harness adjustment along with it's feather light weight of 4.7kg, it's the perfect car seat for you and your baby.

Swandoo's Fire Retardant Treatment

Swandoo like to do things a little differently to ensure they are bringing families innovative and only the best products, even down to their fire retardant treatment. The Industries existing process involves applying a layer backing to fabric, leaving the fabric feeling rigid, with a slight smell and lack of elasticity. Swandoo do it a little differently, they use a FIRA fabric that involves PU coating to offer fire retardancy which allows for the fabric to remain soft and with no smell.

Premium materials…Eco initiatives

Under the super soft cosy material, you will find a strong Expanded Poly-Propylene (EPP) shell, opposed to the industry standard of Expanded Poly-Styrene (EPS). EPP is a more robust and durable material than EPS. Due to its high performance, EPP is used in high-quality bicycle helmets, and it can also be completely recycled, a process that is significantly less feasible for EPS.

But why Albert?

Swandoo have dedicated their clever and smart car seat to the famous German scientist and Nobel Prize winner, Albert Einstien.

Swandoo believe every newborn is special and full of potential that will flourish with the right love and support.


"The Swandoo Albert car seat is one of the smartest car seats on the market at the moment. All the clever features, innovative design and premium materials make it the perfect car seat for every family."
- Lucy, e-commerce administrator

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