The Story Behind Swandoo

The Story Behind Swandoo

Made by parents - for parents

From their own parenting experiences the team at Swandoo know only the best will do for your little ones. To create outstanding products, Swandoo decided to take total control! All their products are designed, manufactured and assembled in-house to ensure they are giving their customers only the best at every stage of production.

Swandoo's car seats combine international design talent and over 40 years of manufacturing experience. Swandoo's considered approach ensures they create smart, caring and premium solutions for you.

With their experience, capabilities and heart, Swandoo build award winning designs.

Why the Swan?

Swans value long-lasting relationships and are known to take very good care of their families. For example, swans carry their cygnets on their backs and shield them with their wings - in the same way as parents use car seats to protect their young ones.

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