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Tonies Toniebox

Natural Baby Shower

Product Highlight

Tonies Toniebox

Introducing Tonies Toniebox

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Welcome to the world of Tonies. Tonies create innovative audio toys that encourage little one’s imagination and play away from screens.

A Whole New World for Children's Audio

Tonies is an innovative audio system derived from the idea of two dads wanting to offer a child-friendly way to listen to audio content away from screens and scratched CD’s. Listen to stories and songs with the help from your favourite collectable characters, or even create your own fun audio!

But how does it work?

When you put a Tonie on for the first time, its story will download directly onto the Toniebox. The Toniebox instantly recognises who's standing on top, and they have the magic key. The story will begin immediately. Once the LED turns solid green, the audio content has been completely downloaded, and you can play it anywhere without a Wi-Fi connection

Meet the Tonies

Tonies are cute hand painted figures that bring to life all your favourite characters and stories. Some Tonies teach you things, some tell stories and others play music. The Tonie family keeps growing with exciting Disney editions, story book characters and childhood classics. Choose your favourites, collect and play!

Creative Tonies

Creative-Tonies are just like Tonies - hand-painted, pretty tough...but with the space to fill them with 90 minutes of whatever you like. The creative Tonies allow you to use any audio on your Toniebox that you wish! Parents or Grandparents can add recorded personal messages or stories and songs to a creative Tonie, so your little ones can stay connected to them wherever they are in the world. In a world where families sometimes live far apart or parents travel for work, this is a child-friendly way to stay connected with loved ones.


Tonies want you to make your Toniebox your own so you can be proud to take it everywhere! You can choose from 5 exciting colours for your Toniebox to suit your personality. Plus, personalise your own audio Tonies or pick, choose and collect all your favourite Tonie characters. To keep all of your special Tonies safe, you can also get a handy travel case that can hold up to 20 Tonies so you can travel with all your favourite Tonies at once.

"What a clever idea! The Toniebox offer endless interactive fun and education without bright screens or complicated controls. Plus,it's great to keep your little ones quiet when travelling."

- Sean, Sales Manager.