Autumn Winter Collection

Look forward to cooler days

The days are getting cooler, night is falling earlier and the leaves on the trees paint the landscape with hues of amber and gold. Look forward to cooler days with Voksi's Autumn Winter collection that consists of popular weather proof footmuffs, wraps and cosy baby nests.

Voksi Baby Wrap

A comfortable and familiar environment for your baby while you`re travelling together. Voksi® Baby Wrap is made of soft cotton, so it is breathable to keep your child at a comfy temperature when travelling.

Voksi Footmuff

The best protection for cold and windy days. Voski Footmuffs are a cozy, super-warm bag perfect for winter adventures. Super warm thanks to the fluffy feather down filling and inner cotton fabric, your baby will be protected.

Voksi Baby Nest

Voksi® Baby Nests are is a cosy and comfortable place for your baby to lie. The egg-shaped nest simulates the feeling of being in the mother’s womb and gives your baby a feeling of protection, warmth and being nestled down.


"The Voksi Autumn Winter Collection 2019-2020 is their best yet. It's got all the popular and trusted products they are famous for, but with modern and trendy touches for style conscious parents."
- Amy, Creative Brand Manager

Voksi at Natural Baby Shower