Benefits of Merino Wool


"The list of benefits Merino wool has goes on and on, it really is a high-performance powerhouse natural fibre. We always recommend Merino Kids products to our customers because Merino wool creates the perfect sleeping environment for young children"

- Michelle, Store Assistant

What is Merino Wool?

Merino Wool comes from a breed of sheep called The Merino, which is regarded as having some of the finest and softest wool of any sheep. The Merino is built to survive the scorching summers and freezing winters of New Zealand’s rugged Southern Alps range. The Merino can survive in these extreme temperatures because of the unique and incredible engineering of their wool. As a result, Merino wool is a powerhouse natural fiber with a huge range of high-performance benefits which is super soft and luxuriously gentle on the skin.

Merino Wool regulates temperature

Merino wool helps to regulate your babies temperature, which they are unable to do for themselves at such a young age. The fibre in Merino wool have temperature regulating properties meaning it keeps your little one warm in winter and cool in the summer protecting your baby from extremes.

Merino wool is bacteria resistant

Merino fibres have a natural protective outer layer that helps prevent stains from being absorbed as well as having natural anti-microbial properties that make it odor-resistant. Because merino resists odour, bacteria and stains, you don’t need to wash it as often or as rigorously as synthetics.

Merino Wool Improves Sleep

Medical studies have proven that merino improves the sleep patterns of babies and infants. At the Cambridge Maternity Hospital in 1979, Scott and Richards revealed that babies sleeping on Merino settled more quickly, cried less, fed better and gained weight faster.

The same medical studies investigating the effect of merino on premature and low birth weight babies found that they gained an extra 10g a day compared to babies that weren't sleeping on merino.

Merino Wool is super soft

Merino is a fine-spun fabric, making it super soft and silky against your babies delicate skin. It also has a natural elastic property, meaning our garments fit snugly every time. Because it can respond to changes in temperature, it's amongst the most comfortable material you can put your baby in. Merino has been linked with a lower incidence of skin allergies.

Merino Wool is Natures Best

For all these reasons, and many more, Merino is nature's best. It is a wonder fibre that has evolved over a million years to help us create the perfect sleeping environment for young children.

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