Stokke Mission

With confidence, anything is possible!

From closeness comes connection. From connection comes confidence. And with confidence, anything is possible.

Stokke's range of products all follow this philosphy to bring family essentials that help bring you and your baby closer.

Superior comfort + quality

The longer a product lasts, the lower its environmental impact. That’s why Stokke design and build their products with a long life cycle in mind. They are designed to grow with your child and be adjustable to their changing needs. They also insist on using only the highest quality materials for safety and durabilty to stand the test of time.


"I just love Stokke. They design products that make parenting and bonding easier plus all their products are designed to last and grow with your family."

- Sean, Sales Manager


Stokke have been at the forefront of innovation in the nursery industry from the very beginning with the invention of the Tripp Trapp. Stokke continue to invent, develop, test and manufacture products that combine beautiful design with long-lasting functionality.

Their promise

All Stokke products have a common purpose: to encourage child development and to strengthen bonding between parents and their children. Safety, sustainability and supporting child development will always be their top priorities. They continually strive to make smart, stylish products that meet your family's needs and fit seamlessly into your home and your lifestyle.

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