The Story Behind Voksi

The Story Behind Voksi

The Voksi® adventure began more than 30 years ago

Voksi is an international Norwegian brand. Thanks to the cold Scandinavian winters Voksi are experts concerning warmth and a specialist when it comes to working with natural materials such as wool and down.

They bring this expertise of natural materials to create warmth with great design. Design is an important part of the Voksi universe; their products are designed to be practical and user-friendly, with a great look. Throughout their 30-year history, many of Voksi's products have emerged from ideas, made real by using needle and thread. Their collection of elegant, practical and thoughtful products come from decades of experience.

“Voksi represent quality through design, choice of materials and functionality, so I always keep the children and the parents using our products in mind, and how to take care of our environment."

- Ida Ising, Director of Product at Voksi

Voksi design practical products designed to make the life of both children and their parents more practical and comfortable. Voksi use nature's own materials as a basis for every design. They utilise materials such as wool, down, feathers and cotton to bring families traditional Scandinavian natural products to keep their little one comfortable the natural way.

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