Voksi's Mission

Scandinavian Design

Design is an important part of the Voksi universe. Their product are designed to be practical, user friendly and with a great unique look. Carefully selected materials are combined in the best way to create a product designs for the conscious parent. Handcrafted products are another basic aspect of the Voksi adventure.

High Quality

Using nature’s own materials as a basis, and including constant development of Voksi’s products and portfolios along with their dedication to constantly search for new technologies and new materials, Voksi is able to offer an extensive collection. Natural materials are still the focus of the original Voksi collection such as wool, down, feather and cotton. All of these are combined to product the best for you child.

Social Responsibility

Voksi are proud of the many elegant, practical and thoughtful solutions and details offered in their collections which have been developed during decades of experience. It is their promise to look after the environment through every step of the production process. Voksi constantly evaluate their practices and designs to ensure they are being as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible.

Only the best materials

All their inner and outer textiles plus all fillings are produced according to the Oeko-Tex 100 standard. This ensures that Voksi products are free from harmful or dangerous materials and substances.

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